Sunday, August 10, 2008

Princess Castle Album

I made this album yesterday for DD5. She absolutely loves it! The only problem is, she wants to add her own 'bling' to it! I'll cry if she wrecks it!!!

The album came already cut into the shapes of the castle (cardboard), I just had to cover it with paper I chose myself. This was the longest part of the process!

I hope you can tell in the photos, you can open the little door on the front page, so that when you open it you can see a photo of DD5 on the next page. I used cotton thread and made holes with my crop-a-dile to attach the door. I used a button and some grosgrain ribbon from my Stampin' Up! collection to make a little handle.

I have only posted photos here of the front and first double layout. I need to add a bit more bling to the rest of the album before I'm completely finished (without DD5 around!!). Then, I've promised my neice I'll make her one for her birthday in November!


yvonne said...

Leanne, this is just stunning!Love the detailing :-)

Sharon said...

What a gorgeous album Leanne! I haven't made a mini album for ages as you do need patience...and I don't have that! But you've done a beautiful job of it and your DD should be proud to keep that to show everyone! Hope you're doing well with life as it's been ages since we've 'chatted'!

tracy said...

Oh I just love the Castle Leanne! I would cry too if your daughter wrecked it! lol It looks as though a lot of love and time has gone into it (I spend ages choosing pages too - drives me spare sometimes :))